As inter- and transdisciplinary practitioners we have years of specialist experience in ESG and Sustainability.
Most importantly we are visionary thinkers, tech innovators, and sustainability experts with a common purpose: to harness data and digital solutions to solve humanity’s greatest challenge.
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Adriana is an engineer and a scientist with 10 years expertise in climate change and sustainability. She is a UNFCCC Climate Change Designated Expert and COP Negotiator in the technology and gender discussions. She contributes significantly to international climate policies and conducts technical reviews related to greenhouse gas inventories, research and systematic observation and emerging technologies. Her academic background includes an Industrial Engineering degree with distinction from the University of Costa Rica and a Master of Science in Renewable Energy with a focus on Photovoltaics and Energy Storage from the University of Oldenburg, Germany. Adriana is committed to working towards a sustainable and inclusive present and future.


Marvin is a communication strategist with 15 years experience designing and directing campaigns for multilateral organisations such as the United Nations Development Program, the Organisation for Tropical Studies, as well as the national parliament of Costa Rica. His areas of expertise include Transition to Green Urban Economy, Productive Landscapes, and Regenerative Systems amongst others. With over a decade of experience, he excels in strategic communications including leading graphic design teams, corporate message development, and all stages of the creative process.



Rosella has 20+ years of experience in economics, agriculture, and environmental sciences. With advanced degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Economics, and Business Administration, she has expertise globally collaborating with diverse stakeholders to promote sustainable economic growth. Rosella’s experience covers policy work, livelihood improvement, market development, and capacity building within the sustainability context. Her passion for sustainable development drives her to create innovative solutions and partnerships for positive community and environmental impacts.



Isabel is committed to sustainability, community development, and stakeholder engagement. With a decade-long career spanning public, private, and civil sectors, she excels in designing corporate and public sustainability and social responsibility strategies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a certification in Sustainability Strategies from MIT, and is pursuing an MSc in Human Rights, Democracy, and Globalization. Isabel also teaches Environmental Psychology, consults on Human Rights and Climate Change, and contributes to the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication. Her multidisciplinary expertise bridges human behavior, sustainability, and community development, and she is a prominent advocate for creating a more equitable and sustainable world.



Sara is committed to environmental conservation and youth empowerment. She advocates internationally for youth involvement in addressing environmental and social issues, and has technical work as a scientific Research Assistant in Meteorological Extreme Events. Sara also has experience as a consultant for Conservation International, focusing on mangrove conservation and sustainable livelihoods, and has contributed to UNICEF initiatives related to children and environmental sustainability. Her educational background includes a B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management and an M.Sc. in Management of Tropical Coastal Areas from the University of Costa Rica. Sara is committed to environmental stewardship and helping organisations on their sustainable and regenerative pathways.



Salvatore has 15+ multidisciplinary team management experience spanning 4 continents and multiple industries including Heavy Industry, I.T. & Software, Retail, Finance, Consulting, Legal, Policy, and the Public Sector. His expertise covers sustainable development goals (SDGs), Net-Zero pathways, emissions reduction and offsetting, ISO 14000, business process digitalization, amongst others. With Master studies and certificates in different disciplines: History, Sustainable Development, Foreign Languages, and Environmental Sciences, he is active as transdisciplinary scientific researcher, interested in regenerative social-ecological systems and is committed to addressing complex social and environmental challenges by inspiring collective action, underpinned by science and research, and leveraging digital technologies.